A Post-Truth Era Comedy


Guy meets girl and agrees to tell only lies for the next 12 hours. And, oh...it's Election Day.


Lucy: Not only do I not care about the truth, I don't want any part of it. So, if this relationship is to continue, I will insist on one thing: total BS.




Run Time: 90 minutes

Format: Feature Narrative

Principal Photography: October 2017

Release: Summer 2018

Writer/Director: Gregg Stouffer

Producer: TS Botkin

Cast:Announcements Coming Soon! 

Brock: What's our story?



Lucy: Are you afraid to stand up to the tyrany of the truthless?

Brock: Lucy, I need to know the truth!



Fedora: Don't go growing a conscience, Lulu. We both know that's not you.



Lucy: Political rhetoric is the easiest form of lying.



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